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Culinary products are understood as a combination of dishes, culinary products and culinary semi-finished products.Culinary products must comply with the requirements of state standards, industry standards, enterprise standards, collections of recipes for dishes and culinary products, technical conditions and be developed according to technological instructions and maps, while observing sanitary rules for public catering establishments.

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It should be noted that today a huge number of organizations and individual entrepreneurs are engaged in the provision of catering services as a type of entrepreneurial activity. At the same time, public catering establishments designed to meet the need for food and leisure activities vary in type, size, and types of services. The best international buffer catering in Singapore is available here.

The type of public catering enterprise is a type of enterprise with the characteristic features of service, the range of culinary products sold and the range of products provided to consumers of services.

Public catering

Classification of Enterprises:

  • restaurant – public catering enterprise with a wide range of complex dishes, including custom and branded; wine and vodka, tobacco and confectionery products, with an increased level of service in conjunction with the organization of leisure;
  • bar – public catering enterprise with a bar counter, realizing mixed, strong alcoholic, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, desserts, flour confectionery and bakery products, purchased goods;
  • Cafe – an enterprise that provides services for catering and recreation of consumers with the provision of a limited assortment of products in comparison with the restaurant. Implements branded, custom-made dishes, products and beverages;
  • canteen – a public catering enterprise that produces or sells dishes in accordance with a variety of days of the week, a publicly accessible or serving a certain contingent of consumers;
  • Snack bar is a public catering enterprise with a limited range of simple cooking dishes from a certain type of raw materials and is intended for fast service of consumers with intermediate food.

In addition, in the following objects of the public catering sector are additionally identified:

– Dietary dining room – dining room, specializing in the preparation and sale of diet food;

A dining room – a distribution – a dining room that sells finished products from other catering organizations;

Buffet is the structural subdivision of the organization intended for realization of flour confectionery and bakery products, purchased goods and a limited assortment of dishes of simple preparation.


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