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Fine Opportunities for the Perfect Song for Your Wedding

Many couples think when choosing wedding music or when booking band or DJ especially their own musical preferences, of course rightly so. But what often does not stop is the fact that the choice of music, both consciously and unconsciously, has a huge influence on how the guests ultimately experience the wedding.

With these tips you ensure that you and your fiancé as well as the guests experience an unforgettable musical day.

  1. Provide entrance music

When the guests are dripping in, it is nice to have background wedding music song on. Personally, I would always opt for instrumental music because not all attention should be focused on music. The point is that the guests can talk to each other and that there is a pleasant atmosphere, without being “disturbed” by the background music. morans restaurant

  1. Provide a relaxed playlist between the ceremony and the reception.

At most weddings, there is a moment between the ceremony and the moment that the band or DJ starts playing that is not always considered very well. While this is an essential moment by choosing the right music you make sure that your guests do not indulge and at the same time do not waste all their energy by jumping up the dance floor. So create a playlist of approx. 2 hours with music that is up-tempo but not so danceable that the guests can no longer be kept.

  1. Make a list of your favorite songs

It is often impossible to determine the entire musical evening itself. But to make sure that at least enough music passes that you and your partner want to hear, you do well to make a playlist. Do not forget to check what your guests would like to hear. Sit here with your fiancé but do not get too crazy, the DJ or band that you have hired is often very capable of playing or turning music that suits the setting.

Extra tip: If you have made your (exclusive) Facebook event of your wedding, you can set up a poll in this event. Here you can, for example, ask which song (s) or bands should pass anyway. Of course you have the final decision yourself.

  1. Make sure that the last song is a song that you both have selected

Guests often remember the last moment of the wedding party best. The song that is played then is very important to ensure that the guests have a great feeling about the wedding. The trick is to choose something that suits you and your fiancé and that is at the same time very recognizable to the guests.

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